Turbosiever use centrifugal force to push dry powders through a static screen.The oversized material are trapped inside the cylindrical cage while the desired material passes through the mesh.The main function of Turbosiever machine is to remove oversize particle from the dry powder products.

Ideal for pre screeningafter main silo.

LMPL offers 2 different models � 5HP and 7.5 HP.

We also manufacture machines of capacity 100 kg/hr upto 500 kg/hr as per client requirements.

Features and benefits :

1. Improve your product quality

2. Dust free operations

3. Easy maintenance

4. Extremely quiet.

5. Unique cage and blade design

6. Unique design ensures low power consumption and optimal output.

7. Easy and safe operations

8. Quick removing and re installing internal parts which ensures minimum maintenance time.

Suitable for granules and dry free flowing powder material.

Application : Food,Pharma,Ink and Paints,Agriculture and Fertilizer,Glass and Ceramics,Cement and Sand,Mineral and metal,Chemical and pigment.

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