LMPL plow mixer are high energy,high-shear and high speed mixer for powders,granules,pastes and slurries.

It imparts a high-energy mixing action into the materials

Our unique design enables the product to break lumps easily

Additional side choppers ensures high mixing efficiency and effective in high torque enviourments.

Leak proof gland design

Applications : Homogeneous mixing of dry powders,granules, pastes and slurries.Mixing of solid-solid,solid-liquid and different types of reactions.Applications in Food,Pharma,Chemical,Pet food industries,Thickeners,Binders and Stabilizers,GuarGum,Cassia gum,Ink and Paints,Agriculture and Fertilizer,Glass and Ceramics,Cement and Sand,Mineral and metal,Chemical and pigment.

Custom Design :

LMPL plow mixer can be customized and adapted to suite the varying demand of customer applications:

1. Available with extra chopper

2. External jacket for heating and cooling of plow mixer

3. Pressure and vacuum capable vessels for drying,heating,cooling and sterilizing processes.

4. Extra nozzles for liquid and gas applications

5. Different grades of material available for construction.(Ex.SS316L)

Models : 1000 liters to 10000 liters.
5 hp to 50 hp

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