Available in Induced draught and Forced draught types

Available in 1 HP to 200 HP motor capacity with a pressure of 50 mm WC to 1500 mm WC (2� WC to 60� WC)

Applications : Industrial furnace and Boiler, Chemical Processing Plant, Textile Plant, Cement Plant, Dairy Refrigeration Plant, Gas and Oil Firing Burner, Dust Collecting System, Ceramic Industries, Petro � Chemical Plant, Power Plant, Air Conditioning Plant, Ventilation System (in Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurant, Residents, Cinema Hall, Tunnel etc.), Pneumatic Conveying System of Powder and Granules.

Our blowers are backed by design selection and detailed performance characteristics

It can offer low pressure ventilation fans with very high air volume and also makes very high pressure fan

It can offer various types of shaft seals to avoid leakages of gases.

The blowers have been careful designed to ensure minimal noise pollution.

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