Flacker mill works by producing flakes of grains and pulses by compressing it between 2 rolls with hydraulic pressure.Flacekr mill is widely used for flaking soya bean,rapeseed,sunflower,corn,guargum,cassia gum etc.Our roller mills continuously and safely grinds and produces uniform flakes.We offer a wide range of mills as per customer requirement.We have expertise of Flacker mills in Guar Gum industry and are one of the leading manufacturers since multiple decades.We manufacture flacker for food grade guar gum and oil well grade guar gum as well.

Models :

600 mm x 1000 mm

180 hp

800 mm x 1000 mm

250 hp

Features& benefits :

High throughput

High precision rolls

Variable frequency feeder for uniform feeding

All contact parts made of Stainless Steel

Unique bearing block design ensures longer bearing life

Auto and manual hydraulic system

Mechanical scrappers could be adjusted from outside the machine while operating, which ensure maximum safety,hassle free adjustment and reduces flakes clogging.

As a result,a considerable reduction in microbiological count and hence increase in viscosity.

Sliding hopper design ensures easy cleaning.

Use of reputed branded motors and gear box

Applications : Guar gum industry,Food,Oil well drilling,Pharma,,Chemical and pigment,Thickeners,Binders and Stabilizers,,Cassia gum

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